Hi there! I'm Jennifer Arzt.

So nice to have you here!

We might be strangers now, so a little about me...

I'm creative, curious, a lover of change, color, camping, and all things culinary. I believe in doing right by the planet we all share. My church is the Sunday Farmer's market. I say "I love you" with food. And I believe no day is complete without having chopped an onion or at least crushed a clove of garlic.

I grew up in Connecticut and have I've spent most of my adult life in California (waving from Oakland!). I fell head over heals in love with cooking after making a batch of bruschetta with tomatoes gather that morning at my farmer's market. After the combo of fresh baked bread, the freshest of summer tomatoes, and just-picked basil... I knew there would be no turning back.

(Note: I didn't realize that so much of my life involved words that start with C.)

I'm an entrepreneur by nature, designer and filmmaker by trade, and a passionate home cook.

Jennifer Arzt

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